Monday, December 1, 2014

Bye Bye Blogger

Since I've pretty much abandoned blogger, I decided to make one last farewell post, inspired from the fact that I've been catching up on the Legend of Korra (which is also almost over...). Maybe I'll throw a post on here now and then, but if you want to look at my work from now on head over to my tumblr, instagram, or my website!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


More shrunken heads, oh my. Did some turn-arounds for Tink, one in black and white/sketchy and one in color. I'm still working on final colors for them, one thing I'm sure of is that I'd like a Mardi Gras color scheme (green, gold and purple). Who knows how it'll turn out...
More to come later this week!
And now my soundtrack for today...

Get Lucky-Daft Punk
Kung Fu Fighting-Cee-lo Green
Damn-Styles of Beyond/Michael Buble
Doing the New Low Down-Gene Kelly
Viva Las Vegas-Elvis Presley
Q.U.E.E.N.-Janelle Monae
Tennessee Me-The Secret Sisters
The Gambler-Johnny Cash
Ramblin' Man-Allman Brothers Band

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heads will roll

Meet Tink(erbell).
She was a fairy until she mouthed off too much and someone decided to shrink her head. Alas, despite their attempts to stitch her mouth shut, nothing can shut her up.
She's Wendy's traveling companion, mostly because she doesn't have legs. Shrunken heads can't move around on their own, you know.
Looking up shrunken heads and the process was a bit strange, but also interesting...When they're making a shrunken head, they stitch the eyes and mouths shut to keep the vengeful spirit in. Neat stuff!

And on a side-note, I just finished Scott Pilgrim the other day! I liked how Bryan Lee O'Malley put what he listened to at the end of some of the books, I always like to see what people listen to when they're creating.
Here's my soundtrack for the past few hours:

ABC-The Jackson 5
Home-Edwarde Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
Bitch Went Nuts; Effington-Ben Folds
Mountain Sound-Of Monsters and Men
Holiday-Vampire Weekend

oh boy oh boy, last semester! Ever.

Senior Year.
That's still sinking into my brain.

But anyways, my biggest project that I'll be working on this semester is called "Little Ghost" and is a stop-motion piece.

Here's some turnarounds of the main character, Wendy, who was featured in an earlier post.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's hard to think of clever titles...

So this is basically a sketchdump of some of my drawings from August. I've been studying horses and their anatomy so i could get better at drawing them. I also drew some people in the park at a festival. And then there's some Doctor Who and Cowboy Bebop fan art, me being slightly embarrassed that I drew fan art, and a random guy with a big nose. He looks a wee bit French to me.

Little Ghost, Little Ghost

This little lady was born from the song "Little Ghost" by the White Stripes. I heard it playing in the end credits of Paranorman and I fell in love.

She's not exactly a ghost though, I decided to do a new take on the story of Peter Pan and the lost boys for a video game class. I'm in the developmental stage right now, but she's gone through a LOT of changes since I first thought of her. I wanted to focus on Wendy as sort of the matriarch of the lost boys, I'm still debating whether or not to put Peter into this, but we'll see.


This is the very first drawing of her that I ever did, with "Little Ghost" stuck in my head and a slice of pizza in my hand.

The next few are different studies I did of
 her. Some advice I heard from Chris Oatley was to draw the character that you're working on over and over and over again til you're sick of them. She went through a LOT of changes, but I'm still not sick of her!


This last one is a bunch of drawings of her final design and a little creature that's in her world. I think I'm pretty much set on her having purple hair with greens and oranges in her costume, color studies will be coming up soon!

Are there certain things you like or don't like about her? Let me know what you guys think!

Friday, September 6, 2013

See you later alligator....?

Please forgive me for the lame title hahaha

more animal sketches from my last trips to the zoo!

Originally I was thinking about making a story about the flying foxes, but after drawing the alligators yesterday, I’ve had a few more ideas brewing in my brain about them…we’ll see! Planning on doing more work this weekend and pinning down some story ideas!

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